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About us

about us

About Us

Seasolar operates since 2008 in the renewable energy sector.

Our client is the private individual or the company that wants to build a photovoltaic system on its building, in partial or total coverage of its energy needs.

We put our technical skills at the disposal of those who wish to evaluate the opportunity to build large photovoltaic systems on the ground (photovoltaic fields) aimed at selling electricity.

Thanks to our organization we are able to carry out all the necessary and preparatory activities for the construction of the plant, from the feasibility study to the design and installation.

We carry out continuous market research oriented to the selection of the best materials, both from a technological and economic point of view.

We support the customer in the phases prior to the purchase, helping him to understand the technology and operation of the plant and choose the best solution from all points of view.

We assist the Client in carrying out authorization procedures, requesting bank loans and state incentives.

We monitor all our systems over time, verifying their performance and offering a punctual maintenance service.

We are continuously engaged in the research and development of serious and professional partnerships, we want to work with other companies and professionals in order to offer a complete service, competitive and aimed at customer satisfaction.
about us


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